Helpful tips...


These are a few things we have experienced/learned throughout the years that might help the process go smoother.

A positive attitude, cooperation, and understanding go a long way when planning your special day.



We fit skirting as close as possible to fit the tables you are using. Please make sure the listing is correct and that you let us know if you change the number of tables, size of tables, or layout of 6’ or 8’ rectangle tables, 4’, 5’, 6’ round tables – butted end to end,

or U-shaped. We also need to know the style of table you will be skirting because they take a different clip. ie: newer white plastic,

older plywood, thin grey plastic.



We charge by the table for skirting. Even though you may have 4 tables butted together, you may only need 2 pieces of skirting. We carry a variety of sizes and try to fit as close as possible to the table layout for fewer seams.



Size matters here also. Different style chairs take a different style cover. Don’t let anyone talk you into using ‘universal’ covers. They look like a loose sheet on chairs!!! Get the cover that fits the chair. We can assist you in getting your covers.



-if you have an outdoor wedding…there will be issues…rain, storms, wind, bugs, and critters. We might make unfavorable decisions to protect our inventory.


-choose your caterer carefully…you are responsible for tablecloths even if the caterer ruins them (hot pan burns – carving a pig on them…yes, it happened)


-choose your menu carefully…if you are serving food with tomato/mustard (sauces) or oily items, chocolate fountains, certain candy and gum…they can ruin linens and you are responsible. We treat linens 3 times, after that, we deduct replacement costs from your damage deposit. We have solutions, just ask.


-because of past experiences, we do not mix our linens with linens from other companies…they will get mixed up and all too often we don’t get ours back. It saves everyone a lot of headaches if you rent from one company. Remember…we have weddings the next week also and can’t wait for you to find our rentals.


-if you put pens/crayons/markers on the guest tables…there will be writing on the tablecloths. Adults are as guilty as kids about drawing on tables. If you want a kids table, put games, puzzles, etc. instead of any kind of markers.


-choose your venue carefully...make sure your guest count will comfortably fit in the venue. Customer service is an important factor during the process of the reception...days and times allowed for vendor set up and clean up are important to all of your vendors.

-Choose your vendors carefully...make sure they have insurance to cover anything that goes wrong...hopefully nothing will, but you don't want to take that chance.


-if you are taking down/packing up the rentals, please select responsible, non-intoxicated people to help will save you money.


-have someone bus the guest tables after will help prevent spills and damages to linens, plus it will look so much nicer.